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Planting Compost

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Martins Planting Compost has been formulated from composted organic materials to create a general purpose soil improvement compost, with added controlled release fertilizer to give up to nine months plant growth. It will improve soil structure and nutrition of sandy to clay soils. This mix can be used on its own or added to enrich existing soil.

This mix is suitable for new or existing vegetable and garden beds, for planting trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetable and ornamentals. This mix can be planted directly into or mixed with existing soil to improve soil structure and nutrition of your garden beds. It can also be used as a garden mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

This mix is free draining and has excellent water holding capacity, as well as being fully balanced nutritionally to give your plants the best possible growing conditions.

When planting natives we suggest using Martins Native Planting Mix.

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