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Vegie patch advice

Simple secrets to having that successful veggie patch is to ensure that you select an area that receives sun most of the day, is sheltered from strong winds and is within reach of your garden hose.

Ground preparation is important, good drainage and the adding of organic matter to your existing soil will provide that much needed soil structure providing your plants with the ideal growing environment and with regular top ups it will continue to provide you with a source of delicious produce for many years to come.

Fertiliser can be added prior to planting and regular uses of liquid fertilisers can ensure that your harvest is always at its peak condition from start to finish. If you are restricted for space don’t think you can’t enjoy the spoils of a vegie garden. Many vegies can be grown in containers so check out the range of Pot Vegies from Oasis. Why not try a combination of a tomato, mixed lettuce and herbs.